Dear Brettflix Blog Viewer, 

Welcome to your soon to be source for all of the narcissistic book, music, movie, and media coverage you can handle.  

You might read a blog post and say, “Brett, why are you writing this?  I don’t care about (insert aging prog-rock band or fanboy TV show).”  Make no bones about it.  This blog is not about the media you are interested in, it is about the media I am interested in.  

I will be posting reviews and rants about various CDs, TV shows, films, video games, books, etc. that I find important.  If you happen to derive any kind of enjoyment or information from these posts, it is merely a byproduct.  

However, feel free to post comments.  I always love the opportunity to hear what someone has to say and then explain to them how I am right.  

Have fun looking around.  Perhaps on the lowest level, you’ll be able to chuckle every once in a while at my many ill-fated attempts at humor and media savviness.


Hugs and kisses,


Founder of Brettflix

PS: For those of you who are a little “slow,” let me spell it out.  This is not an online movie rental site.  Stop asking to borrow movies from me.  However, feel free to send me your money.

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