#27: Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie_and_Clyde.JPGMoving up on the list, I decided to tackle #27: Bonnie and Clyde.  Though Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty make their mark as the bank robbing duo, this film’s not really anything special (definitely undeserving of its high placement on the list).  Borrowing elements from more “artsy” cinema, Bonnie and Clyde prides itself on being a sexy, comedic, social commentary riddled crime story.  But at the end of the day, the film is just plain unfocused.  Was the story about the pair’s wave of debauchery during the depression or really about Clyde going through the psychological frustration of living with erectile dysfunction?  I sure couldn’t tell you.

I do know that my job search and movie list took a short hiatus as a result of a welcomed visit from the Bonnie to my Clyde (why my girlfriend of course).  We watched the movie together and ate the remaining pieces of our apple cake, leftover from our sweet tooth excursion the night before.  But she grew bored, more interested in her coloring book than the film (mind you we are dealing with a 20 year old woman here).

Just for fun, we marked off the 100 movies we’d previously watched.  Amanda racked up a whopping 12.  As for me, I was surprised to find I’d already seen 46 films on the list (prior to starting the countdown).  Mind you I still plan on reviewing all 100.  But the AFI challenge might prove to be more of a marathon than I thought.  The two of us clicked through the films available on Netflix Instant Watch, finding that 3 of them (Birth of a Nation, Giant, and Ben-Hur) clock in at over 3 hours.  Yikes.

But away from the sprawling Hollywood epics and the myriad distractions of job hunting, we enjoyed a carefree day dedicated to entertaining our inner children (friend and fellow “big boy job” hunter, Kyle, joined us).  Armed with a cooler of Lunchables and healthy snacks, our little motley crew traveled to Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, KS.  Goats, chickens, pigs, bison, prairie dogs, peacocks, sheep, and horses (just to name a few) were all there to greet us.  At the end of the day, my little jobless soul had been appeased by the day’s activities.

But alas, I had to drive Amanda to Harrisonville the next morning for her ride back to Springfield.  The two days she spent in KC left me with a feeling of purpose.  But as I watched her drive away, my duties and responsibilities came back into view, realizing, “Oh I still have to do that job thing.”

And “that job thing” didn’t really spark that day.  Nor did anything else.  I got more enjoyment out of watching the menagerie of animals parading across the deck than mindlessly jumping through the same hoops.  Later it started raining, which always messes with my system.  Much like a dog.

A couple setbacks didn’t really help in supplying a roaring fire of productivity.  Automated e-mails informed me that I was “not a match” for two positions I applied for and I received an auto reply message from one of my active contacts, letting me know that he would be out of the office until Monday.  What does this week hold?  Who knows?   With my luck, maybe robbing banks is a better option.

brett headbrett head2 out of 5 Brett Heads


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