No job, no paycheck, no problem: Brettflix Takes on AFI’s Top 100

Let’s recap.  Between now and the last time I “blogged” (how many ever eons ago that was), I gained a college degree, moved back in with my parents, worked a summer job, quit a summer job, and trudged through all of the heartache along the way.

You might believe this summer to have a fairy tale ending.  A story about me overcoming the adversity of a sluggish job market and persevering to gain a fully independent adult life.  Working a “big boy job.”  Living in a place of my own.  Making an adequate salary.  Residing near my ever wonderful girlfriend, Amanda.

Hundreds of e-mails, countless job searches, numerous applications, and one interview later, I still don’t have a “big boy job,” nor am I any closer to living in close proximity of my girlfriend.

AFI MoviesWith all of these things in mind, there seems to be only one thing to do: scour the globe for jobs in a completely different location than where my girlfriend lives and watch A LOT of movies in the process.  Well, I guess that’s two things.

And not just any movies.  It’s been my lifelong ambition to watch all 100 of “AFI’s Greatest Movies of All Time.” (Maybe not lifelong, but at least since 1998 when the list came out)  Having graduated with a media degree, it seems appropriate to screen all these movies.  How else am I supposed to get material for making hip/snotty comments at parties? (“The Graduate is great, but come on: French New Wave totally jumped the shark when Hollywood started copying Godard.”)

Chances are I won’t be able to put this accomplishment on any resume, but what better opportunity to take this list on when I have little money and lots of time.  Perhaps these classic films will provide life lessons and inspiration as I make the journey into the great unknown of “the real world.”

And have no fear Brettflix bloggers.  I’ll of course be posting the progress of my film watching and job searching goal along the way.  I might view the films in order, I might mix them up, who knows.  I DO KNOW that my posts will be filled with the narcissistic witticisms, wisdom, and wisecracks that you’ve learned to love.

So pop some pop-corn, sneak in with a box of Milk Duds hidden in your purse, and grab a comfy seat covered in hardened chewing gum & artificial butter topping because the Brettflix feature presentation is about to begin (after 30 minutes of previews).  To quote Bette Davis in All About Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy year.  You know with the economy and all.”  Something like that.


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