Left 4 Dead: Raimi Wants Campbell’s Boomstick

Get your chainsaw appendages fueled up because the book of the dead has once again been opened.  According to a recent interview with Empire, Sam Raimi is already 9 pages into a fourth installment of his Evil Dead franchise.  Word on the street is that he wants Bruce Campbell to reprise the role of Ash.

Evil DeadEven though that within the last few years, Raimi has been a tease about the likelihood of a fourth Evil Dead film (at one point, a remake starring Ashton Kutcher was rumored.  Blah.), this time it sounds like he’s really ready to kick some Deadite butt.  And who has he been fantasizing about as his pen strokes paper?  None other than everyone’s favorite big chinned B-movie actor Bruce Campbell.

Campbell has recently made a career out of… well, being Bruce Campbell.  Just check out recent projects like My Name Is Bruce or the TV show Burn Notice.  Campbell will no doubt be able to slip right back into the role if he signs on.  Who else could play the part?

Raimi hasn’t mentioned anything about the plot of the film, but I definitely like the idea of an aging, overweight demon hunter going through a mid-life crisis.


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